Tournament Rules


The MiWay National Sevens will be conducted entirely under the control of the MiWay National Sevens Rugby Director, whose decision, in all matters, is final. In the event of any complaint arising from a game, the Field Manager’s decision (which may be made with input from the Referee and the Rugby Director) will be final.


  1. All team entries must reach us no later than 24 August 2015.
  2. For the first year, only u/17’s will be allowed to take part in the tournament.
  3. Only one team per school will be allowed for the first year.
  4. The tournament is by invitation only.
  5. All boys entered, must turn 17 in the year 2015.
  6. Teams must register at 07:30 on Saturday, 5th of September. A registration area will be setup next to Field A.
  7. Indemnity forms for all the players in the squad must reach the organisers by no later than the 1st of September and must be sent to All indemnities MUST be signed off and completed by the minor’s parents or guardians. No child will be allowed to take part in the tournament if we don’t have his indemnity form.


  1. Teams will be invited to take part in this tournament.
  2. Pool fixtures will be determined by the Rugby Director.
  3. The maximum squad size is 12, plus 3 management.
  4. Substitutions between rounds are allowed without reference to the Field Manager.
  5. NO player may play as a substitute or replacement for another team.
  6. If, before its first game, a team is unable, to field 7 players, the pool will be reduced if no reserve side is available.
  7. If, before any pool game other than its first, a team is unable to field 7 players, then the pool game is null and void, all previous results in the pool involving the team are also null and void and the team is removed from the Tournament.


  1. Playing time: 7 minutes each side with 2 minutes halftime break. 5 minutes between games.
  2. No extra time will be played in the pool rounds and matches will be left drawn.
  3. Each team will play a minimum of 4 games, excluding the playoffs, should they go through.
  4. Teams must adhere to the field manager’s commands at all times.
  5. Teams must play in their squad gear.
  6. A size 5 ball will be used for all the games
  7. In any game a maximum of 5 players from the squad of 12 named for that day may replace those on the field. Substitutions / replacements must be made with the Referee’s permission and be made only when there is a stoppage (except a penalty) or the ball is out of play.
  8. Team managers must ensure that replacements are immediately available during each game.
  9. A player replaced through injury may play in subsequent games subject to medical approval.
  10. In the event of a sending-off, the player is not allowed to play again in the current Tournament and the team plays with less than 7 players for the rest of that game. The team is, however, allowed to start with 7 players for the next game(s). The use of Temporary Suspension (Sin Bin) for 2 minutes will be in force.
  11. In the event of a team being unable to continue to field 7 players during a game, other than through sending-off, then the game is abandoned and:
    • if a pool game, then the pool game is null and void, all previous results involving the team are also null and void and the team is removed from the Tournament
    • if a knock-out game, the other team goes through
  12. No support staff, management, friends or relatives of the players are allowed onto the fields during play unless there is serious injury to a player and the referee has stopped play.


  1. The winners of the pool rounds will be determined by the most number of wins.
  2. In the event of a tie for the Group, the side with the most losses will be eliminated.
  3. If still a tie, the result will be decided by:
  • Rule 1: Greatest Points Difference
  • Rule 2: Greatest Points For
  • Rule 3: Greatest Tries
  • Rule 4: If all equal then toss of coin
  1. For the purpose of selecting the best runners-up from any pool rounds the point’s difference and points scored will be divided by the actual number of games played and, if wins and losses are tied, the resulting average points difference and points scored will be used to rank the teams.
  2. If, before a knock-out game, a team is unable for whatever reason, to field 7 players, then that team forfeits the match.
  3. In the knock-out rounds if, at the end of normal time, neither side has won, captains will toss for the right to kick off or choice of ends and play will continue in periods of five minutes, changing ends after each period without further interval with the first side to score being declared the winner


  1. Try 5
  2. Conversion 2
  3. Penalty 3
  4. Scoring System:

Win = 4 points
Draw = 2 points
Loss = 0 points